Toledo Clinic Feature in Inside Health Magazine

We are proud to be featured in Inside Healthcare Magazine.

Some healthcare organizations prefer their physicians to be of one mind, but The Toledo Clinic does things a little differently. “Our organization attracts individuals who are independently minded and thrive in a hard-working, entrepreneurial environment,” states Henry Naddaf M.D., president of The Toledo Clinic.

Based in Toledo, Ohio, The Toledo Clinic provides high-quality and accessible healthcare services at a low cost throughout Northwest Ohio. Started in 1926 by three surgeons, The Toledo Clinic is now in its 93rd year. Since that time, the organization has grown steadily to a staff of more than 265 healthcare providers. This includes 90 doctors who make up the shareholders of the organization. “These physician-owners are encouraged to take control and oversight of their work and set the course for both their patient care, and their financial outcome,” says Dr. Naddaf. “If they are hard-working, and are able to focus on costs and efficiency of healthcare, the outcome creates a system that prides itself on low-cost, but quality care; and this is the place for them.”

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