The Toledo Clinic Unveils New Logo To Reflect Today’s Clinic

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New Toledo Clinic Logo The Toledo Clinic, which recently celebrated its 90th anniversary, is one of the region’s largest and most trusted healthcare institutions, with 185 physicians working alongside 70 additional healthcare providers.

To better reflect the dynamic contribution it makes to the region’s health and to set themselves apart, the Clinic today unveiled its new color, logo and tagline. In commenting on the logo, Dr. Ian Elliot, President of The Toledo Clinic, said that “The Toledo Clinic has evolved to become one of the region’s most important healthcare providers. As our mission expands in scope and the market landscape continues to change, it’s important we communicate our progress in a modern, up-to-date approach that includes the application of a new logo and brand communication materials.”

The new logo, designed by Thread Marketing Group, is built on several key foundations.

  • The new color (red) conveys strength and determination and allows The Toledo Clinic to stand out in a local healthcare market dominated by blue and green.
  • The icon in the upper left corner, which uses squares to symbolize all components of The Toledo Clinic - physicians, specialists and locations - comes together to form one entity with a common purpose. The squares also form a “T” and “C” as a legacy to the previous logo.
  • The tagline, “Choose Well. Feel Better” is designed to empower patients by reinforcing that they have choices in managing their care and when they choose The Toledo Clinic as one of those choices, they are working with expert physicians and caregivers who are focused on their overall well-being.

The new brand identity has been under development for the past eight months. Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan residents will begin to see it appear on signage, lab coats and brochures within the Clinic, as well as in advertising in a variety of media and on the organization’s website.

“We remain committed to our core mission of quality, access and value, which have remained constant throughout our more than 90 years of operations,” said Dr. Elliot. “This new logo allows us to communicate with patients in a more up-to-date and relevant way.”

The Toledo Clinic is an independent partnership of over 185 physicians and 70 additional healthcare providers. It has had a long and successful history in the training of medical students and residents. As “community educators,” The Toledo Clinic allows students to see how private practice can thrive in the era of corporate medicine.

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